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Sheriff's Council

The Placer County Sheriff's Council's goal is to fill the gap between the public's need for increasing law enforcement services and tightening county budgets.

The Sheriff's Council raises funds for non-budgeted items for the Placer County Sheriff's Office.

Since our inception in 2004, we have raised money and purchased Pepperball Systems, Ballistic Shields, Tasers, Tactical Flashlights, Night Vision Scopes and new Honor Guard Uniforms. Some recent acquisitions are listed below.

Commitment to Deputy Safety

 Tactical Flashlights

The Sheriff's Council, joined by other groups, donated funds to purchase 30 Tactical Flashlights and Mounting Systems for Deputies who volunteer to purchase AR15's for use on patrol.

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Assisting the Special Enforcement Team

 Night Vision Scope

The Placer County Sheriff's Office received a state-of-the-art night vision scope to assist the Special Enforcement Team in their surveillance duties in low light conditions.  This system was donated through the Sheriff's Council by a local manufacturer of night vision products.

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Tasers for Placer County Sheriff's Office

The Placer County Sheriff's Office is now using a less-than-lethal device to apprehend suspects and resolve incidents with minimal force.

With the help of the Placer County Sheriff's Council, a group of business and community leaders dedicated to filling the gap between the public's need for increasing law enforcement services and tightening county budgets, the sheriff's office has purchased and is now using less-lethal devices known as Tasers.

The 10 Tasers, which cost the office $17,000, are expected to reduce the number of injuries in situations involving combatants and dramatically increase the safety of citizens, officers, and suspects involved in these incidents, officials said.

"Tasers will provide officers with a less than lethal force option and the ability to defuse potentially dangerous situations when confronted by a violent subject," said Lt. Jeff Ausnow of the Placer County Sheriff's Office.

Ausnow said that it would have been difficult for the Sheriff's Office to obtain these weapons without the help of the Sheriff's Council. The council has also previously helped purchase vital equipment such as ballistic shields and pepper ball gun systems, in addition to new honor guard uniforms.

"This citizens group has gone "above and beyond" to help its local law enforcement acquire tools that increase officer safety and help reduce the likelihood of injuries to citizens and suspects,” Ausnow said. “The Sheriff’s Office has been hit hard by the recent budget cuts and it would have been nearly impossible for us to purchase these Tasers on our own.”
(excerpt from The Auburn Journal, by Jenna Nielsen, Journal Staff Writer )

Training Cartridges for TASERS Qualification
The initial procurement of new high tech Taser systems (that captures both video and audio recordings) required comprehensive staff training and qualification. To support this undertaking, Sheriff's Council assisted the office by procurement of training cartridges and supplies.

The successful initial deployment of Taser devices prompts the Sheriff’s Council to donate an additional 10 Taser systems. This increases the number of deputies now quipped with this incredible non-lethal tool to subdue and control difficult individuals.

Ten additional devices were authorized for procurement by the Sheriff’s Council. Deputies are excided to be equipped with this very effective non-lethal enforcement tool. Field results have to date have proven to very effective in dealing with combative or hostile individuals.

The Sheriff's Council continues with it's commitment to equip Deputies with non-lethal TASER systems with the purchase of five additional units.


Advancing the goal of TASERS for all field Deputies, five additional systems were purchased along with five back-up TASER camera modules.  When a camera module is damaged, TASER systems are removed from service.  With back-up camera modules, systems can quickly be placed back in service.

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Ballistic Shields for Deputy Safety

 Ballistic Shields Add to Deputy Safety

Placer County Sheriff's Council purchased six (6) Ballistic Shields to be deployed with each Sheriff Sergeant. These new lightweight shields are smaller then the type used by SWAT-Teams, making them easy to store in patrol vehicles.

Unique law enforcement tools such as these ballistic shields coupled with the recent procurement of "Pepperball" guns by the Sheriff's Council provide a high degree of safety when utilized against possible armed suspects, school shootings and other critical situations where officer safety is in jeopardy.

 Additional Ballistic Shields

Additional Ballistic Shields were purchased to provide safety to Deputies when entering buildings or looking into vehicles where deputy safety is a consideration. Each field supervisor has a Ballistic Safety shield in their patrol vehicle.

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Less-Lethal Weapons Using Pepper Balls

New Less-Lethal Weapons Using Pepper Balls - Placer County Sheriff's Council donated funds for the purchase of ten (10) Pepper Ball "less- lethal" enforcement systems.

Pepper Ball technology is an effective, less-lethal law enforcement tool that offers deputies an additional dimension to control individual's other then lethal force. The recoilless launchers allow accurate targeting and provide increased officer safety during a variety of situations, including hostage rescue, riot control, domestic violence and "suicide by cop."

The Placer County Sheriff's Office is now using a less than-lethal device to apprehend suspects and resolve incidents with minimal force.

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Sheriff Office Honor Guard Uniforms

 Sheriff Office Honor Guard Uniforms

Council equipped the Placer County Sheriff Office with new honor guard uniforms. The Sheriff’s honor guard, made up of sergeants and deputies, provides many services from posting the colors at community events to attending law enforcement funerals for officers killed in the line of duty.

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Placer County DARE Program


First donation was made to the Placer County DARE Program. DARE, Drug Abuse Resistance Education, is taught by Placer County Sheriff's deputies to thousands of elementary and middle school students countywide each year.

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